Stamina Pilates Premier XP Reformer

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  • Pilates Premier XP includes a personal workout DVD featuring Pilates expert Marjolein Brugman
  • Four heavy-duty, elastic cords provide five levels of workout resistance
  • Adjustable headrest and oversized high-density foam shoulder pads offer additional support and comfort
  • Convenient folding design for easy storage
  • Adjustable straps and hand grips to fit any user

Product Description
Train and strengthen your entire body the Pilates way with the Pilates Premier. Your ticket to a stronger, more flexible, healthier body! Originally developed in the 1920’s to help dancers and professional athletes restore and build muscle tone and strength, the Pilates method of body conditioning engages the abdominals in engages the in each exercise, training your body to use them in every activity you perform. The Pilates Premier will help you develop tighter sto… More >>

Stamina Pilates Premier XP Reformer


5 Responses to “Stamina Pilates Premier XP Reformer”
  1. Lisa M. Mims says:

    I have over 7,000 hours of experience teaching on studio quality, spring-loaded Pilates equipment. In the last years that I taught professionally, I cut down my insane teaching schedule by teaching group classes on these machines.

    They are safer than spring-loaded reformers because of the bungee cords–springs snap back. Bungee cords will move, but not with the kind of propulsive, really dramatic force you see in springs. Over and over again, I watched students do things on these reformers that would have injured them on spring-loaded equipment.

    In my own practice, lack of attention has caused a moment or two of real danger; the worst thing that happened was a flying bungee cord cutting the upholstery.

    Safety aside, these provide enough resistance for a really good workout. They are big enough that anyone under 6’2″ can do all of the exercises, with the exception of the Semi-Circle, which is a more intermediate exercise anyway. Students with knee and hip injuries reported that they were more comfortable on these machines, possibly because the bungee cords provide less resistance.

    Also, these reformers do what reformers were designed to do: in two hour-long workouts a week, these machines increased flexibility, improved back pain and dramatically changed the shape of bodies, just like studio quality equipment would. (Yes, Virginia, there is a way to get rid of saddlebags without lipo.)

    Finally, unlike some other pieces of non-studio quality equipment, I can unequivocally recommend these for even very fit men. The runners, bikers and hunters in my classes really found the machine workouts challenging.

    Cons: I have never been able to get replacement parts. You will need two people or one man over six feet to move each machine. Attempt to fold them up again at your own peril. Lock them away from children, or vice versa–even bungee cords can cut.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  2. Leslie says:

    A little larger and heavier than I expected, but a solid home Pilates reformer. As someone who has been taking classes in a Pilates studio with professional-grade reformers, this comes as close as possible — and for about 10% of the price of a studio-quality reformer.

    It’s versatile, easy to use (once you figure out the sparse instructions on how to set it up) and the cords provide some serious resistance and a good, thorough workout.

    The one complaint I have is that the wheels don’t seem to be in the proper position to actually function. Then again, if the manual weren’t so minimalist, I might have been able to figure out what, if anything, I’m doing wrong.
    Rating: 4 / 5

  3. D. Harris says:

    This reformer is good as a home reformer. It is easy to use and setup is easy. However, it is not a professional reformer. It is somewhat shorter than a professional one. It lacks a few features like an adjustable footbar. I had to purchase optional accessories like a stand, box, rebounder and pole. These cost a few hundred dollars, all together. It would be more cost effective to get one with a stand and rebounder. If you are tall or long legged, you will sometimes feel cramped using this one.
    Rating: 3 / 5

  4. Gene Barnett says:

    I purchased the Stamina Pilater Premier about 6 months ago and decided to return to Amazon and offer my review of the product since I rely on Amazon Review when gathering information for a new purchase.

    I use the Pilates frequently and think is it an excellent product. This is my first experience with Stamina and I find the quality of their product excellent. It is well made, heavy enough to be stable during exercising, and has all the bells and whistles needed for a good workout. The Owner’s Manual is easy to follow and they include an exercise guide that I have found very useful.

    Stamina (made in China) has given thought to the ‘to be used in the home’ aspect as the machine is large enough and not too large for use in the bedroom and storage under the bed at night. My only difficulty, which has been solved, is it stands on 4 rubber feet that do not slide easly across the carpet. I purchased a set of ‘furniture movers’ for about $10 and placed 1 under each foot which results in rubber on rubber plus a smooth plastic suface to allow the pilates to slide easily across the carpet when moving it.

    I give a top rating to this product without hesitation.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  5. M Drake says:

    I have to say, I am very pleased with this equipment. I read the reviews on Amazon, which really helped me to decide which machine to choose. I have been taking pilates off and on for over 5 years, and very consistently in this last year. This reformer really is a great representative of the machines in the private pilates gyms. The tension is fantastic, and I was worried it wouldn’t be enough. It was pretty easy to put together (my husband did it, but it took him 20 minutes) and it’s really not to hard to roll out and use. Admittedly, I do not fold it up, because it is heavy, but I can roll it out myself. I LOVE having this reformer! I was taking private class 3 times a week, and I loved how I looked, but now I can keep that up myself and save a TON of money (those classes are not cheap). I am glad I did have professional training, though, because I really know what to do by myself now, and with the help of the included chart. This is a great buy.
    Rating: 5 / 5

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